We’re blowing the dust off the books at the back of the bookshelf that you have long forgotten about. 

We take the stories that used to mean so much to you. 

The stories that made up your childhood.

The stories that made you believe anything is possible. 

We take these stories and make them into something that will be the centre of many a conversation, and centre of your stories to come. 

Our Bookkeeper collection includes a variety of beautiful recycled books, silverware and china. They are embedded upon two books with embellishments to really make them shine and make an impact. 
These designs are unique and are created to showcase the beauty of the books and plants. 
There is now a new way to display all the beauty of the past, in your modern home. 

Each piece is handcrafted and designed, and no two are the same, because we believe each persons taste is unique to them, and will always find the one that speaks to them the most.

Tea Book Smaller.jpg

the tea book

We take vintage china and teaspoons, and bring them into the book. Perfect as a statement table piece for afternoon tea. 

This range brings back all that is good in a beautiful and modern way. Because why keep it behind glass, in a cabinet never to be touched?

Tea Cup Smaller.jpg

the tea cup

This one is for all of our tea lovers.

Get a little taste, and you’ll be coming back for more. The fresh way to display plants and succulents in your home.

We bring the book out in this one and let the words speak for themselves in this decoupage tea cup, with a special little jewel to make it sparkle and a plate to match!

Tea Pot 2 Smaller.jpg

the eclectic book

Our vintage favourites!

We find all of the old piece of silver that would have been the centre of many get togethers between friends and family, and bring them back into the conversation. 

The everyday is reimagined to fit into your life as we see it today.

Enchanted Rose Smaller.jpg


Or more affectionally referred to as the ‘Beauty and the Beast’. 

An elegant feature, a precious flower, considered, cared and preserved. 

The Enchanted Rose is unique and preserved, and doesn’t require watering. When kept out of direct sunlight and stays protected in its glass home, they can live up to two years.

IMG_4079 copy.jpg

The Tea Pots

We love the simplicity of these pieces. Re purposed to bring them up to detain a modern way.

Multi purpose too ! The greenery is artificial but the pots can also hold water and be a vase for a fresh bouquet

Designed with colour and texture in mind, the balance is the best of both worlds!

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